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Testing Services

Dr. Kanai's office offers comprehensive autism testing and evaluation services for individuals ages 12 months - and above.  A written testing report provided 2-4 weeks after the appointment(s). 

Developmental Evaluation

Tests may include the Mullen/Bayley, DP-4, DAYC-2. The C-TONI/TONI, and the WISC may be performed, if needed. These tests are performed at Dr. Kanai's discretion to determine where your child's development falls in important areas including communication, socialization, and adaptive skills.


Autism Specific Measures

These tests including observations, including play, interviews, and tasks to determine the nature of the child's behavior. Typical measures used are the ADI-R, ADOS-2, SRS-2, and the ASRS.


Comprehensive Measures

It is important to check for adaptive function and co-occurring challenges. Tests for these areas may include BASC-3, Vineland-3, ABAS, Conner's, and other measures as needed. Parents will frequently need to fill out measures via phone or computer to help with additional information.



After your appointment, it may take 2-4 weeks to receive your testing report. Dr. Kanai works hard to synthesize the data to be sure she considers all areas of your loved one's development. At times, a follow up may be needed to provide diagnostic clarity. These may be done in-person or virutally.

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